Mystica took up Marlene Aguilar’s challenge to fight UFC style in honor of their beliefs. Singer Mystica had shared that she accepted the challenge but Aguilar had blocked her on Facebook.

The OPM hit singer Freddie Aguilar’s sister is now drawing netizen’s outrage after posing statements in Facebook saying that Pope Francis is the devil himself and those who bow and kneels before him are stupid.

Any had reacted about her statements. Soon, Aguilar had poted more statements saying that she wis willing to fight those against her statements Elorde Gym. To make it worst, she even asked Pope Francis to fight her in UFC style.

Mystica Replied to Marlene Aguilar's Challenge Against Pope Francis
Mystica, the singer who is famous for doing splits during her shows, had shared that she posted on Aguilar’s wall wanting to take up the challenge but the latter had blocked her on Facebook. Mystica then went to her own Facebook page saying that she had challenged to fight Aguilar in the streets. She then asked netizens for their opinion.

Mystica seemed to have been against the reaction of Aguilar that had been evidently against Catholic and their congregation. Aguilar went as far as saying that the Pope has pending cases on child rape and others crimes. She called the pope as evil and even those who are non- Catholics had cried foul over the accusations.

The singer had also shared what she had posted on Aguilar’s Facebook wall. She said that Freddie Aguilar’s sister had posted libelous accusations. The ‘She Dragon’ was confident that she will be able to take down 1000 people including the pope. Mystica dared her on a one on one sparring.

The issue seemed to have caught the attention of many. Aguilar is still yet to give her statement whether she will fight Mystica in the ring or not.

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