A viral photo of a police officer singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ had been circulating over various social media. The officer from Dover Police Department had not only stirred netizen’s interests but also gathered more than 17 million views after it was posted on January 16, 2015.

Master Corporal Jeff Davis had been lip syncing with Taylor Swift perfectly. He even bobbed his head, did simple dance gestures and was able to suddenly keep a serious face whenever it would seem that someone could see him. At the beginning of the clip Dover Police Department had introduced that there had been times when that interesting moments had been caught by dash cams, and they will share a series of such under the name ‘Dash Cam Confessionals’.

Now Trending Police Officer Master Corporal Jeff Davis Singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’
Unlike what it first seemed to be. The video was taped for 15 minutes by the Dover Police Department. The video was made to show appreciation to the the people as their official Facebook page had reached 10,000 likes. In their Facebook page, the department even apologized to Taylor Swift. The singer-actress not only forgave them but also expressed how she liked it by sharing it on her Twitter account.

Cpl Davis had been a veteran for 19 years now and when he was asked to do the video, the bald and burly officer had gamely took up the challenge. Netizens on the other hand had different comments about the video.
Some had been concern since the officer had been singing enthusiastically while driving instead of focusing on the road while others said that people should just enjoy the video since it was done for good humor. Davis said that he does not usually gets embarrassed and he actually really knows Swift’s songs.

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