YouTube Offline Payback currently released by Google for Android users only in India, Indonesia and Philippines on December 11, 2014. YouTube Offline allows users to playback videos up to 48 hours without the need for WiFi connection.

Google understand that the three countries have one of the countries that had adopted well with the use of smartphones, yet high speed and affordable data is still far from their reach. Google, in response to this challenge, introduces YouTube Offline as a way to lessen the speed and data demand for those using their products.

According to Google the new feature added to their YouTube app lets the user take videos offline and watch them later when the data speed is low or there is no internet access at all. Not all videos has this option, yet for those which has, you can easily tap the offline icon to add them in the offline list. You can still watch the tapped videos even if you don’t have any internet access.

YouTube Offline Playback Released by Google for Android Users
YouTube offline playback is available only in India, Philippines and Indonesia. People in these countries can now watch local movies and unboxings without worries about data connection and there won’t be any bother with buffers too.

Google also promises that the new feature is only the start of finding ways to get through the said challenges. They will keep on making ways to make videos more affordable and accessible for their growing YouTube app users in  Asia.
YouTube Offline Playback Released by Google for Android Users
YouTube Offline Playback is an option not yet available to all videos but you can now view some of the famous video even without WiFI or data service. Many usually complain about slow internet service at a steep price and Google promises to make way for those who use their YouTube to still have a great viewing experience.

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