Sarah Geronimo’s music video of her own rendition of ‘The Glow’ had been finally released by Disney Channel Asia on December 6,2014. Sarah Geronimo expressed her gratitude for being chosen as one of the singers from Asia who was given a chance to sing the Disney song.

The video has shown the 26 year old singer recording ‘The Glow’, the official Disney princess franchise theme song, and song clips of Disney princesses from the films both classic and modern.

Geronimo shared to ABS-CBN news that she had been emotional seeing the video fr the first time. She was thankful to be chosen to interpret the song for the Filipinos. She also said that the song expresses how a princess does not need a prince charming , a castle and a gown to be a princess in her own right. Though a modern princess is strong-willed and outspoken, compassion will never be lost. A princess does not need to be dependent on her prince.

Watch Sarah Geronimo’s ‘The Glow’ Disney Music Video
The song was originally sang by Shannon Saunders which was released in 2011 as they inducted Tangled’s Rapunzel as one of the Disney princesses. ‘The Glow’ was also interpreted by other artists from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Fans had expressed how proud they are for the pop star who is now a singer of a Disney song. Sarah Geronimo is also one of the coaches in The Voice of the Philippines and she sits beside Lea Salonga who also had been the singing voice behind Princess Jasmine of Disney’s Aladdin and the princess turned warrior Mulan.

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