Skype introduces Skype Translator preview program through a short video clip of two young girls to show how the newest addition to Microsoft's videoconferencing platform can breakdown the language barrier and create more international friendships. Skype finally announces the first phase of Skype Translator on December 15, 2014, kicking off with two languages namely English and Spanish.

Skype is one of the firsts who had created the reality of video calling across the globe helping individuals to get in though with loved ones and friends. Skype introduces Skype Translator, a product of more than a decade of innovations from Microsoft Research and investments expected to bridge connections among different communities with different languages.

Skype aims to expand the Skype Translator into as much languages as they can and make them available to Skype users who have signed-up through the Skype Translator Sign Up page and is using Windows 8.1 in their desktop and other devices.

Watch Real Time Skype Translator Preview as the Newest Addition to Microsoft's VideoConferencing Platform
Skype Translator aims to open endless possibilities for people around the globe to connect with each other without the hindrance of geography and even language. The short clip presented two schools, one in Mexico City while the other is in Washington, USA. The two groups of students each in their own classroom had played a ‘Mystery Skype’. One student in one end of the video call speaks in Spanish while the other speaks English.

At the end of the video, the children were all amazed and smiling. They seemed to have made new friends from the other part of the globe through technology.

According Skype’s official blog, they have invested on automatic translation, speech recognition, and machine learning technologies for more than a decade. Skype is excited to extend the Skype Translator to their more than 300 million users speaking various languages.

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