A viral video of a girl named Kayla Montgomery with Multiple Sclerosis know as as Fastest Runner in United states running on tracks  then collapsing to her coach’s arms as she crossed the finished line had spread like a wildfire over the internet. The video posted by SportsWriter100 since November 20, 2014 had gathered more than 5 million views after a almost a week. Considered as an inspirational clip, it was about a girl battling against Multiple Sclerosis and determined to run as long as she can.

Kayla Montgomery was born normal as the first of the two daughters of the couple Alisha and Keith Montgomery. According to Runner’s World and Running Times, Kayla’s running is her own personal journey. Her running coach Patrick Cromwell shared that Kayla doesn’t run for trophies nor scholarship, but considers running as her journey.

Watch Inspirational Video of Kayla Montgomery with Multiple Sclerosis as One of Fastest Runner in US
In the video, her parents shared that she was far from being athletic. She grew being into art and was shy, making her parents introduce her to sports. Kayla got into soccer and fell in love with the sport until after one of the games, she suddenly collapsed. She then begun to feel tinging sensation from her toes and soon was unable to feel anything. After a couple of hospital visits and tests, she was diagnosed to have Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition in which the body’s own immune system attack its own nerve cells. Nerve cells are important to transmit messages from the brain to the other parts of the body, specially for movement. This leads to loss of sensation and inability to walk. Kayla got depressed for 8 months and then decided to get back to sports.

Kayla run in the tracks, starting as an average runner. She soon learned how to control her pacing despite being unable to feel her legs. She losses sensation of her legs every time her body temperature goes higher than normal. After much determination, practice and the help of her coach, she became one of the fastest runners in the state, only collapsing in the arms of her coach after finishing the run.

Kayla’s story as a runner who battles against MS spread in the internet and touched many hearts. Many voiced out how her story was inspiring and hopeful.

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