Jobelle Bascug, a lady with a pretty face, strikes once again after two complaints against her were made public. Bascug first got her name on news after shoplifting clothes worth of Php10,000 in a boutique in Cebu last August 12, 2014, now she faces charges once again after failing to pay her dues in a beach resort in Austurias.

According to Inquirer, Bascug was escorted to the police station when the Cabo San Miguel Beach Resort management reported that she failed to pay her stay which had reached to Php15,000 since staying in their resort staring December 8. PO3 Victor Talimpo, Asturias desk officer, shared that Bascug was escorted by the Barangay Captain and tanods to their station. The resort owner is now considering to sue her for estafa.

Viral Jobelle Bascug Strikes Again for Allegely Swindling Cabo Resort for Salon Payment
Bascug told the Cabo Resort management that she was short of cash and a friend of hers will come to pay for her stay. As reported by SunStar in Cebu, she had stayed in the resort for three days under the name of Georgina Basag and the staff was alrmed after hearing the news about Bascug.

On the other hand, Bascug also didn’t pay the services of a salon a visited on December 4. According to Christy Sigvathsen, Bascug, known as Belle, came into their salon and took advantage of most of their salon services including eyelash extension, manicure, pedicure and hair highlights. She was chatty, friendly and even boasted of her business. After all the services were done, she said that she was short in cash and will come back after she withdraws from an ATM machine. Bascug left her bag and never came back. She was reported to owe more than Php2,000 and the salon owner might also file a case of estafe.

The owner of Nails and Cocktails Salon warns everybody from Bascug as it might be her modus operandi. Bascug is now known to be the pretty girl who victimizes local businesses.

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