Shakey’s and Jollibee’s dance off is now going viral over Facebook. After four days since it was uploaded by a Facebook user, the said video had already gathered more than 5,500 likes and had been shared almost 14 thousand time after it was viewed for more than 400 thousand times.

In the said video, Jollibee and Captain Shakeys are seen doing cartwheels and break dancing as watchers viewed with amazement. Kids could not resist going towards the mascots. The clip was funny as the mascots did not seem to be bothered by the bulk of their costumes. Despite Jollibee’s wings and bulky appearance, he was able to make more cartwheel turns than Captain Shakeys.

Many left comments saying how cute the mascots are and how funny it was that the two were willing to dance off for the entertainment of kids and people around.

Watch Video Shakeys vs Jollibee’s Dance Showdown Goes Viral
According to Shakey’s website, the famouse pizza shop was founded in 1954 by Sherwood ‘Shakey’ Johnson together with Ed Plummer, a college friend in Sacramento, California. Now, Shakey’s has around 500 restaurants worldwide and offers more than pizza and beer.

As seen in Jollibee’s website and as many already know, Jollibee is the largest Filipino fastfood chain in the country. It has over 750 store nationwide and had already expanded to other countries. Jollibee had been founded by Tony Tan as an ice cream parlor. The store grew from family business into a corporation.

Seeing the dance off of the mascots of the two of the largest food businesses gave people an entertainment they do not see everyday. The short clip is still going viral and many are still sharing it over the internet.

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