Tune in and see who wins between Team Bamboo’s Rita Martinez vs Suy Galvez in The Voice of the Philippines Battles Round on December 6, 2014.

The 30 year old artist from Pasig, Rita Martinez belted the Guns and Roses’ epic song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ which made Bamboo turn for her. Bamboo was satisfied with her performance and happy he had turned. She wanted to show the people that she can reach her dreams and share that lesbians must not be discriminated in the society.

Watch Rita Martinez vs Suy Galvez on The Voice of the Philippines Team Bamboo’s Battles Round
Singing ‘What a Wonderful World’, Suy Galvez was able to get a spot in Team Bamboo. She got her inspiration from her husband and her 4 year old daughter Isabela. With her own rendition of the song, it was only Bamboo who turned his chair because there was something in the middle and last part which took him away..

The Battles Round Result: Martinez did not expect Galvez to be her rival as they very different genres. Martinez liked the song as she was able to relate with it while Galvez said she could not relate with the song at first. Bamboo asked them to find a common ground and helped them with the harmony.

On the Battle Rounds the rivals had sung ‘Tainted Love’. The coaches seemed to have different reactions during the performance but in the end they seemed to have enjoyed it. Lea said they were both appealing and voted for Martinez which was seconded by Sarah and Apl. Bamboo said that the performance was great and hot. In the end he had picked Martinez to stay with his camp. Apl De Ap had chosen to steal Galvez which made Bamboo also happy.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 6, 2014 below;

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