Find out who will be the winner in The Battle rounds of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 between Team Lea’s Phillipe Go vs Timmy Pavino on December 6, 2014.

The 25 year old chemist, Philippe Go grew up in a family that loves to sing. Though the family does not join competitions, Go’s love for music naturally grew in him and considered it as his life’s oxygen. Performing Wency Cornejo's hit "Hanggang" and made Bamboo and Lea turned. He picked Lea to be his coach.

Watch Phillipe Go vs Timmy Pavino on The Voice of the Philippines Team Team Lea’s Battles Round
Timmy Pavino came back to Philippines from Seattle for his grandmother. The balladeer who had also been a famous artist in Seattle had chosen to persue his dream in the Philippines through The Voice as he loved being with his grandmother. He sung ‘I’ll Be There’ and chose Lea over Sarah who also turned her chair.

The Battles Round Result: During the coaching, Go was introduced with Pavino. The balladeers are both nervous about their battle and their song. Povino loved the song as he had sung the song many times already. Lea asked them to hit the note with harmony.

On the Battle Rounds the rivals sings ‘Forevermore’ by Side A. Lea seemed swooned as much as the audience were. Their coach said that it was simply gorgeous. The other coaches like Go more, but in the end lea picked Pavino.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 6, 2014 below;

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