Team Sarah’s Mark Douglas and Vanessa Monot sing “As” as they battle for the slot in Knockout Round of The Voice of The Philippines Season 2 on December 14, 2014.

Mark Douglas is a family man and only wanted to stay in the country to be with his family. Singing ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder, the 34 year old musician was able he was able to convince Sarah and Bamboo to turn. He picked Sarah who promised to do her best since his genre is different from the rest of her team.

Vanessa Monot came all the way from France to join The Voice and help her family through the rough times. She hopes to help her Filipina mother by joining the competition. Singing ‘Pangarap Lang’ despite her accent, she was able to convince Sarah, her preferred coach, to turn.

The Battles Round Result: Douglas was surprised to meet Monot in the rehearsal because he knew that they have different genre. Douglas was familiar with the song but Monot was not. Sarah asked her to study the song well, which she did. Sarah said that Monot was able to put her presence in the song.

Team Sarah’s Mark Douglas dressed in black while Vanessa Monot dressed in white as they sang “As”. Bamboo said that some of intonation of Monot was off but her stage of presence was felt. He said the Douglas was soulful. Lea said that Douglas did a smooth performance while Monot was lost at times but gets right back to track. Sarah said that Douglas was a great artist with a presence right from the beginning. Sarah picked Douglas to stay in her team.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 14, 2014 below;

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