The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Battles Round will surely be a challenging round for the artists. The second day of the Battle Rounds will be the chance for Team Apl’s Mark Cando vs Mark Avila on December 7,2014 to grab a seat for the Knockout Rounds.

The shy type Mark Cando had been inspired by his father to reach his dreams to be an artist. Singing ‘Get Here’, he was able to secure a spot for Battle Round as Apl alone had turned for him.the other coaches said that he somehow lacked emotions in the song, to which Apl promised to help him with.

Watch Mark Cando vs Mark Avila on The Voice of the Philippines Team Apl’s Battles Round
Naga’s Mark Avila is a 19 ear old artist who had been inspired by his mother. Apl De Ap turned his chair alone but not until he hits the last note of ‘Ordinary People’ of John Legend. Mark joined The Voice to reach his mother’s dream  to which Apl had voiced out how he understands the artist.

The Battles Round Result: Avila was surprised to meet Cando. Apl said that both of them were able to put emotions in a song. Both of them expressed excitement and nervousness at the same time. During rehearsals, Avila had a problem with the high notes to which Apl was able to help him with.

Team Apl’s Mark Cando and Mark Avila sang ‘This I Promise You’. Leah said Avila seemed to have a hard time with the song while Cando was able to connect with the audience. Sarah said Cando did well as every words were clear to which Bamboo had seconded. Apl said Avila had improved a lot but chose Cando to stay.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 7, 2014 below;

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