The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Battle Rounds is set once more for another exciting episode. Team Bamboo’s Casper Blancaflor will be facing Rence Rapanot as the two will be singing ‘Creep’ on December 13, 2014.

Casper Blancaflor amazed Lea and Bamboo during her Blinds Audition when she sang ‘Kisapmata’. The two coaches shared that her voice is something special and she has the rare ability to put heartfelt emotions into a song. Bamboo even jived with her song in the middle of her performance.

Rence Rapanot is a four chair turner as he had captured the heart of the coaches with his song ‘Mateo Singko’, a song that describes the poverty as he sees it. The coaches were impressed how the song had delivered a heartfelt message to the listener. Rapanot is now known for singing with the lyrics ‘mahirap maging mahirap’.

Team Bamboo’s Casper Blancaflor vs Rence Rapanot sings “Creep” on December 13 Battle Round
The Battles Round Result: OPM advocate, Rapanot was excited to meet Blancaflor. He voiced out that the English song is his waterloo. Bamboo understands his position and explained that what it more important is the emotion of the song. Bamboo shared that it was hard choosing between the two as their voices are always full of emotions.
Team Bamboo’s Casper Blancaflor and Rance Rapanot sang ‘Creep’. Bamboo stood to cheer them in the end. Apl voted for Casper. Lea said that Rapanot was able to deliver the song though it was on his disadvantage. Bamboo acknowledged that Rapanot did his best despite being uncomfortable with English songs. Bamboo said that he was moved by the song and then chose Rapanot to move on to the next round.

Blancaflor was about to leave when Lea suddenly pressed her button. Lea said that she Blancaflor  has so much heart in her. Sarah also pressed her button and said that Blancaflor is rear. She had chosen Lea and also can move on to the Knockout Round.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 13, 2014 below;

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