Team Apl’s Arnee Hidalgo and Jannet Cadayona perform “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” as their piece in their Battle Round of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 on December 14.

The R and B singer, Arnee Hidalgo tried her luck in The Voice and just became the 14th artist in Apl De Ap’s team. Singing ‘Feeling Good’, it was Apl De Ap who got caught by her talent. The rest of the coaches were surprised to find out that it was her, the artist who became famous in 2003 for her revival of ‘Cold Summer Night’.

Janet Cadayona is a police officer willing to do anything for her family. PO3 Cadayona surprised Apl De Ap with her uniform and her strong will. Being a single mom, she wanted to give everything for her child and provide only the best for her family. Apl was happy for having Cadayona in his team.

Team Apl’s Arnee Hidalgo vs Jannet Cadayona sing 'Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo' on December 14 Battle Round
The Battles Round Result: Cadayona said that Hidalgo had been her idol when she was younger. During meet ups Hidalgo joked that she wanted to face Cadayona in the battles but it turned out that they were paired in the next round. During the rehearsal, Hidalgo had a hard time reaching some notes and Apl was able to help her out. Apl said that their hearts must be seen in the song and the hurt must be felt.

Team Apl’s Arnee Hidalgo and Janet Cadayona had sang“Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo”. Lea said that Cadayona was stunning without her uniform. She rooted for Hidalgo. Sarah said that Hidalgo stood out as the song was also to make her own style out of it. Apl compared them to chicken noodle soup, as ‘hot mommy’. Apl said that Hidalgo was able to sing the song in her own way but he had chosen Cadayona to continue in battle. Bamboo had suddenly pressed his red button to steal Arnee Hidalgo to make her part of his team.

Watch other Battles Round Performance on December 14, 2014 below;

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