A perfect getaway at Anawangin Cove Adventure with Gone Wild Campers the day 1. It’s a cliche, I know, but this truth will always be there. There are certain things life has to offer that money can never buy. Real friends are for one, nature is another and so is time. These three were combined together and what I have gained are memories to last forever.

Drawing: The adventure started with what my highschool friends call as ‘drawing’. It is the stage when we plan something and we were still unsure if it will push through. I have known these people for more than a decade, practically half of my life, and we have never tried having our annual gathering in a beach, so one suggested Anawangin Cove in Zambales. We have always been planning to go to the beach but it usually ends with just being a ‘drawing’ and this year we were determined to make it into reality. After some research and suggestions, we found the Gone Wild Campers.

Perfect Getaway at Anawangin Cove Adventure in Zambales with Gone Wild Campers Day 1

Gone Wild Campers: This was the first time we hired a tour provider and we didn't know what to expect. Indeed, a lot of firsts for our group and it added fun to our adventure. Personally, I just expected to be in an island and swim for two days, have a camp fire and bring out funny memories, but Gone Wild Campers exceed the expectations way further than I could think of.
Gone Wild Campers
First, the name has some kind of an attention grabber into it. Why name it as ‘Gone Wild Campers’? According to Sir Leonard ‘Sugar’ Vitacion (His nickname was derived from a boxer), our tour guide, it shows their mission to help campers enjoy the wilderness without sacrificing the balance in the environment. I am kind of a nature lover myself and this caught my attention. I am completely aware that many tourist spots are endangering the natural wilderness of the country, yet here is the tour provider that gives tours to many tourists and aims to preserve ecological balance at the same time.

On the Way to Adventure: After much consideration, we decided for the Anawangin Cove Complete Package Tour. This includes two days and a night with a tour in Capones Island. GWC was concerned on safety and with the storm in Visayas, they asked if we were willing to reschedule the trip in case the weather will not improved. Fortunately it did. GWC offers a pickup service in a very comfy van and this is included in the package as well. We were to meet up at the McDonald’s in the front of Trinoma Mall at around 5am on November 29,2014. I was the last one to arrive, embarrassingly late, and the van was already waiting. Of course, if you have great friends like mine, instead of grumbling, they will poke fun on you for making them wait. Then a rule was set amongst us, ‘ No Prima Dona’.
On the way, we were worried about buying snacks and drinks for the camp. Sir Sugar informed us that we will stop by the market in San Antonio to buy what we needed. Things in the island are expected to double the actual price so he suggested that we should buy all we need in the market. We didn’t buy much though as the GWC already included meals and drinks plus ice in the package. The ride was less than 4 hours of jokes, jeers, funny stories, reminiscence and laughters.

Around 9 am, as said in our itinerary, we arrived in Pundaquit Beach. Many tourists were swimming and stayed on that beach, but our group will still have to ride a boat to Anawangin Cove. The boat ride took around 35 to 40 minutes and the view could instantly take the breath of anyone who beholds it.

Anawangin Cove: The camp site was lined with pine trees and at the back was a magnificent view of a river. On the other side of the river was a forest of tall pine trees where many had already made camps. The native people in the island warmly welcomed their guessed. Sir Sugar said that Anawangin is one of their best spots as the people are warm, friendly and trust worthy. They had never experience losing anything in their camp and this gave us an assurance.
Anawangin Cove Camp Site
While Sir Sugar cooked our lunch (Yes, they also cooked for us spoiled brats) and another tour guide, Sir Ariel, pitched our tents (Yes, they also brought six tents and put them up for us), we took our time to take in the grand view. The sand was whitish (not exactly white but still magnificent) and the water was surreal blue. The golden rays of the sun gave life to the mountains surrounding us.
Anawangin Cove Camp Site Top View
We ate our tasty lunch at 11:30 am, earlier than expected, and was given free time to rest and do what we want. While some slept in tents, other visited the store and some of us stayed at the cottage. There was halo-halo in the store which costs 30 pesos and a roving vendor sells ice cream sticks at 20 pesos each. There was no network signal, so we enjoyed each other’s company with distractions from the outside world.

Challenging Climb: It was around 4pm when Sir Ariel offered us to tour the forest, river and climb the south cliff. We did not know what to expect. Together, the ten of us crossed the river through a wooden bridge. The river was clean, clear and seemed refreshing. We when through the forest, took some jumpshots, and followed our guide to where the river meets the sea. There, we started our climb of the south cliff. It was indeed tiring as most of us are not used to such an outdoor activity, but the tiredness and body aches went away as we saw the top view of the island.

Camp Fire: After eating dinner cooked by our guides, we had the privilege to have melted smores on sticks. Sir Sugar suggested to put curly tops with the smores and it was sugary heaven. He took time to know us personally and joined in our conversations and he instantly became part of the group. We felt comfortable at the beach, sharing memories, views in life, plans and hopes to have more such adventures with GCW. We also wished to be back in Anawangin and have a peacefully amazing weekend once again. (Oh, did I mention that GWC even brought the marshmallows and Curly Tops?? Haha spoiled brats indeed)
Friends, wilderness and time, these three blended well together in Anawangin Cove. Why not try getting away from the city this season? A perfect getaway.

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