PAGASA revealed that Typhoon Ruby now has wind speed of 205 kph around 4pm and it is expected to land fall in Eastern and Northern Samar by Saturday. Signal number 3 may be put up tomorrow as per PAGASA.

Storm surge is also expected in Leyte, Samar and Eastern Samar. Storm Surge is due to the strength of the storm, making the waves of the sea higher as it goes inland. Ruby’s storm surge may not be as high as Yolanda’s but it may reach as high as four meters. According to Mahar Lagmay, Project NOAH Executive Director, storm surge depends on the geographic characteristics of the place.

Ruby is also expected to move West Northwest at 15kph. Though it has been slower, Typhoon Ruby had became stronger and with wider diameter of around 700 kilometers. Moderate heavy rains is expected to be experience even though it is not yet hitting land. Very rough sea conditions may also happen leading coastguard to postpone the ships.

News about Typhoon Ruby Storm Signal on Affected Areas December 4 Updates
With the currents strength of Typhoon Ruby is could break some coconut trees. Big trees may be uprooted while nipa and cogon houses may be unroofed. Generally, the wind may cause moderate damage to the communities.

People are encouraged to have stocked food and first aid kit however, as shown in TV Patrol, groceries in Tacloban and Samar are being filled with people rushing to buy goods. Noodles and canned goods were almost out of stock. Some families voluntarily went to evacuations centers a day before the typhoon makes landfall.

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