Miss World 2014 crown was taken home by Rolene Strauss as Miss South Africa succeeding Miss Philippines Megan Young on December 14, 2014 at ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London.

Rolene Strauss is a 22 year old beauty that had captured interests with her background as a medical student in her homeland. Strauss dedicated her victory to South Africa. She also voiced out that she is willing to embrace the responsibility of bearing the title of Miss World and acknowledges that it is a huge responsibility.

Megan Young on the other hand is the first reigning Miss World who hosted the pageant in which she herself will be passing down the crown to the winner. She shared that such a legacy is also dedicated to the Filipinos. When asked for an advice for the new reigning Miss World, she said that Strauss must be ready for the challenges that will come her way.

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Crowned as Miss World 2014
Though Philippines’ bet Valerie Weigmann on the other hand was unable to get into the top 10, many Filipinos still shared that they are proud for the Filipina. Many congratulate the Weigmann for being in the Top25 and expressed their pride.

Some netizens lightheartedly opined that it is not simply the year for the Philippines in Miss World and Weigmann is still a woman to be proud of.

Megan Young, the first Philippine bet to take home the crown expressed that she hopes that Strauss will enjoy her year of reign as much as the Filipina did. Hungary’s bet Edina Kulcsar, came to runner- up while United States' representative, Elizabeth Safri was third.

Before Megan Young steeped down and let go of the title, she shared her experience as the 2013 Miss World. With tears in her eyes, she shared how she tried to help her own people after Typhoon Haiyan ( Local name Yolanda) had strike just a month after her victory. She also told the story of an accident she encountered in Haiti. The 24 year old beauty queen had finally that her legacy is also the legacy of the Filipinos.

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