Back to the Future’s hoverboard is now a reality and will be on sale on October 2015, the same month and year Marty Mcfly visited and used a hoverboard to face the bullies. Created by Arx Pax Co-Founder Greg Henderson, the floating skateboard called as HENDO Hoverboard had the same action derived from the classic movie futuristic movie.

As it can be remembered in the second installment of 1980’s Back to the Future, Marty used a hoverboard to escape from the bullies and this scene had left a dream on many teenagers that someday such advancement from skateboard will become a reality, and that day has come.

After the campaign at Kickstarter raised the necessary amount to build the dreamlike hoverboard, it will be ready for released in the market on October 2015 for the steep price of $10,000.

Meet HENDO Hoverboard the Latest Floating Skateboard Technology
According to the video posted by YouTube account AFPBB on December 3,2014, the hoverboard can float about an inch and can move in multiple angles speedily with the help of four disc shaped engines. Though the battery can only last for 7 minutes, it is enough for an adult to have an unforgettable ride that was once only a dream for all.

Henderson is an engineer who founded Arx Pax with his wife to develop earthquake resistant buildings and HENDO Hoverboard shows the development of their research. The company looks forward to use the technology for transportation, manufacturing and space explorations.

The video of this Hoverboard had been viewed for over 85 thousand times in just four days. Fans of the classic movie Back to the Future will surely be excited to see the hoverboard in real life. After all, the movie which had been shown way back in 1985 had given many a vision of what 2015 might look like and it will be interesting to see hoverboard in the same year the movie had featured it.

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