Facebook activated ‘Facebook Safety Check’ to help people check on their family and friends amid the typhoon Ruby moving across the Philippines. Typhoon Ruby had been expected to affect thousands of Filipinos at its wake and many will surely want to check on their family and friends located in the affected areas.

Through the Facebook Safety Check, Filipinos can let their Facebook friends that they are safe and check on their other friends as well. It is the social media’s action to help people communicate their status after a disaster had happened.

Facebook engineers were inspired to create the tool after the earthquake and tsunami had devastated Japan. They wanted to help their users to connect with their family and friends when they needed the most.

Facebook Activated 'Safety Check' for Typhoon Ruby Available via iOS, Android and Desktops
Once the Safety Check has been activated, the Facebook can locate the users through their registered location and will be able to locate where they are using their internet. The users can also mark if they are outside the located area in case that the locator had indicated the wrong area. Once the users had marked that they are safe, the notification in their Facebook accounts will then say that they are safe. Their Facebook friends can also see that they are safe in the news feed. Friends can also mark them as safe.

If a Facebook user has friends located in the disaster areas and the Safety Check is activated, he or she can receive notifications about friends who had make themselves as safe. There will also be a list of updates that can be found in Safety Check Bookmark. This tool is available globally with iOS, Android, desktops and any phones which can use Facebook.

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