Ashley Madison, the newest dating site to land in the country, had caught the attention of CBCP and Department of Justice which are now joining together in aiming to shut down the said site. DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima seeks to block the dating site as it evidently encourages infidelity and affair with married couple.

As viewed by De Lima in GMA News, the extramarital dating site allows illegal acts and can be the platform for adultery and concubinage which are both punishable by law. Furthermore, the DOJ secretary reminded the Filipinos that adultery is still against the law and subject to punishments despite the number of men openly doing the act.

The Canadian site even made a video on YouTube that features men singing and saying that they are looking for someone other than their wives. Ashley Madison openly encourages married people to have an affair since life is short. CBCP reminded that people should still think about the holiness of marriage. Even Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan said on an interview in ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol that marital infidelity is illegal and the infidelity site is making them worried.

Controversial Dating 'Adultery' Website Ashley Madison to be Banned in Philippines
De Lima considers telecommunication companies if they could ban the site. Ashley Madison in turn explained that they are saving marriages instead of ruining them because they are providing an outlet for couples who have relationship problems. The site administrator even shared that the percentage of adultery n Philippines is high because there is no divorce in the Philippines.

CBCP believed that such an elicit act could fail and it shows that partners can easily be changed, this is alarming. In CNN Noel Biderman,the founder of Ashley Madison, said that unfaithfulness is the next part natural life. However, such a view point is not encouraged in the Philippines and many voiced out that the site must be banned soon.

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