Suy Galvez, 33 years old from Mandaluyong City was the first artist who entered the Blind Auditions of the Voice of the Philippines Season 2 November 30 episode. She is a recording artist who is looking forward to a good future for her family. When it comes to experience, Suy has it since she has been singing and backing up songs since 2011.

Suy already has a 4-year-old child named Isabela and a husband who is also a member of a band. And since she and her husband loves music, their family bonding is by means of jamming. The reason why she joined The Voice is for the sake of her family’s future and in order to show to everyone that she can stand out even without raising her voice.

Suy Galvez Sings 'What a Wonderful World' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
Suy performed the song “What a Wonderful World” in her own version. She tried to convince the judges but it seems like the song was ending without any of them pushing the red button. When the song was almost at its end, Coach Bamboo suddenly turned his chair that gave Suy a light of hope. She suddenly jumped with joy after seeing Coach Bamboo’s face.

Coach appreciated her voice for being beautiful and angelic but he said that it was not what he was looking for at that moment and he even stressed the fact that Bamboo saw something he didn’t see on which all the coaches agreed. Coach Lea said that she liked the ending and it was perfect. Coach Sarah said that there were parts of the song that was over sung. Coach Bamboo, the one who turned the chair heard something beautiful in the middle and in the end where he reacted.

Watch other performances on November 30 audition below;

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