Luis went to Palawan to get the next artist, Shaira Cervancia. She is close to her family, especially to her sister.

She works as a vendor in her aunt’s feeds store to get some extra cash for her family. Luis pretended to deliver the goods to their shop. She was surprised and happy to see Luis for the first time, saying how handsome he is in person. He presented her the invitation and she expressed her confidence with her talent. She believed that her talent was a blessing given with a reason.

Singing ‘Sabihin Mo Na’ she tries to make the coaches turn to her. Sarah and Bamboo soon turned. Bamboo told her that she should unlearn some seeing habits. She must not try to change her natural voice which is already great.

Shaira Cervancia Sings 'Sabihin Mo Na' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Sarah said her voice was flexible. The artist admitted that she was a frustrated dancer and wanted to asked Sarah to teach her how to dance. Since she is fighting with Bamboo for getting the artist in her team, Sarah teased that Bamboo will definitely not teach her.

In the end, she picked Bamboo which evidently surprised Sarah. People jeered Bamboo to dance but to no avail. Bamboo is her first choice as she was also in a band

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