Samantha Felizco learned singing since she was six. She liked mimicking singers with comb as her microphone. She believes that the competition will give her a chance to capture her dreams.

Singing her heart with the song ’Hurt’, she tries to get a spot for the next round. Apl De Ap and Lea turned at the same time. As the song ended, Bamboo seemed to have regretted not turning any sooner and realized that he missed a chance to get her in his team.

Tearfully she chatted with the coaches. Sarah said that she can greatly use vibrato but somehow he had been looking for more in her voice. She is confident that the coach Sam will pick will be able to help her go further and develop her skills.

Samantha Felizco Sings 'Hurt' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay

Apl De Ap said that they fit together, he wanted to have her in his team since her style was not yet found in his camp. Bamboo promised to steal her in the next round if ever his coach makes a mistake and let her go. Sam said that she wanted a coach that had always affected her life since childhood. This made Lea excited since she often hears the same from many artist who came by the stage.

Eventually, she had chosen Apl because she likes Fergie in his group Black Eyed Peas. Apl De Ap could not stop himself singing his group’s song with his happiness. She idolizes Black Eyed Peas and she dreams to be a world class artist with the help of her new coach.

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