The Voice of Philippines Season 2 continues the journey to find promising artists and give them a chance to the Philippine music industry and on November 22, Patricia Gomez, a half Columbian artist who loves sports graced the stage and captured the audience.

She is currently into jijutsu but she is also joggling her time with running and lifting. The beautiful artist admitted that she was shy to sing in front of many people.She said she was shy especially when it comes to singing. She said that sports is easier since she can physically manipulate her opponent as opposed to singing on stage as she felt nervous and vulnerable

Patricia Gomez Sings 'Hit The Road Jack' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
She performed ‘Hit the Road Jack’ but seemed to be hesitant to reach the high notes. Bamboo seemed to be waiting for her to give her all as she performs then hit his red button just before the song ends. Lea was waiting for her passion to show but felt the artist fell short with that aspect.

Bamboo liked her song choice. He wanted her to take up and go on to strain herself in the performance or simply to give her all. The coaches jeered at him as he consistently turned to pretty artists the whole season. Lea joked that if Bamboo turned, Apl De Ap should do also as the artist will surely turn out to be beautiful.

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