Thirty seven year old Nino Alejandro came from a known musically inclined family. He is the nephew of the famous artist, Haji Alejandro and acknowledges that his name bares a challenge and expectations that he must conquer.

He picked the song ‘Highway to Hell’ which made Lea immediately hit the big red button. She belted ‘Oh my God’, and then Sarah and Apl De Ap turned. Bamboo followed suit, making Nino the first four chair turners for the night. Lea stood during the performance unable to make herself still. She was so excited to see the artist and hear him sing on the stage of The Voice of The Philippines.

As he reveals his name, the coaches were amazed. Lea expressed that she got excited when she heard the artist sing. She hugged him and asked where he had been all this time. Sarah also did not hide her amazement on the artist.

Nino Alejandro Sings 'Highway to Hell' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Lea said she was deliriously happy to hear and see the artist. Sarah said that he is an artist that the music industry had been missing for so long and she will be grateful to introduce him to that industry. Bamboo said that he was happy just by having the chance to see the performance. He said that maybe he might also learn something from Nino.

Nino was happy to be back in the industry and then picked Lea to open his mind, sight and musicality to a level he had always wanted it to go to. Lea said that Nino was a magic himself.

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