The rocker Miro Valera is the only child in his family. When his father died, the whole family needed to work together to live on.  He admitted that he became a mommy’s boy. He shared that he was a member of the band local Stonefree. Now his goal is to make his family, especially his mother, to be happy.

‘Ticket to Ride’ is his ticket to the coaches’ hearts. Lea suddenly turned without any warning, followed by Bamboo. Lea even stood to cheer him on. Sarah asked him how long he had been singing and he said that he started in the early 2000’s . He graced Lea’s request to sing a song from his band. Sarah said that she is excited to hear him sing more as he has a promising talent.

Miro Valera Sings 'Ticket To Ride' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Apl De Ap said that the artist will surely be taken cared for by the coach that he will choose. Lea said that Miro already knows what kind of artist he is and he will be developed more. Bamboo promised to help him back on tracks in the music industry.

He also shared to Bamboo that The Voice will be his ticket back to a career he had always been loved. Though he had chosen to work in a career far from singing, his passion for music had never changed. Admittedly that he had a hard time choosing, he picked Lea with a hope that he can develop his talent at its fullest with the help of the veteran singer.

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