Mark Avila wanted to reach his dreams for his mother. The 19 year old artist is ready to try his luck in the blind auditions.

Singing ‘Ordinary People’, he tries to capture the coaches’ hearts. With john Legend’s song, he sang with hope that one of them will turn. Towards the last note, Apl de ap turned for him. Upon seeing Apl de Ap turning, he seemed to breath a short prayer of thanks giving.

Lea said that somehow, as mark sings, something felt as if it was not natural. Bamboo voiced out that the artist need to fix the leveling of his voice. Sarah said that the song must be a love song but he seemed to be sad while singing the song.
Mark Avila Sings 'Ordinary People' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Lea teased her, saying that Sarah seemed to know what the love song really meant, to which Sarah said that finally she does, hinting about her current love life.

He shared that it is his mom who inspired him to sing. He wanted to reach her dreams for her. Apl de ap shared that he wanted to give the artist a chance to give his mom her dream. The coach said that he knew how it felt to do something for his mother. Apl de ap himself opted to move away from his family to be able to help them have a better life, especially to his mother. Apl welcomed Mark as the newest addition to his team.

Watch Other Performances on Nov. 23 Blind Audition below;

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