Leah Patricio idolizes Coach Lea since she was a child. She was even named after the famous singer who voiced Princess Jasmine.  She had been trained by her father since she was six and shared that she and her father will even cross the sea to join a singing contest.

 She sung ‘I Will Always Love You’ as her piece. The coaches listened expectantly and as she unexpentedly hits her first high note, Lea immediately turned her chair. Bamboo cheered on but it was Sarah who turned for the artist.

Leah Patricio Sings 'I Will Always Love You' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay

Upon hearing the name of the artist,Coach Lea voiced that she must be picked because they are meant to be. Sarah said that her voice is strong and was able to tell the story. Lea said that the song seemed to be very personal and such a talent is very priceless. Even Bamboo and Apl De Ap praised her style but admitted that her style was not the one they are looking for and felt that the lady coaches will fit the artist better.

Leah shared that she had always wanted to sing for Coach Lea. Filled with tears, the artist received a hug and praises from her idol who is now her coach. She was filled with happiness as she knows that even her father will agree with her decision of choosing Leah as her coach.

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