Despite her age, Daniel Padilla’s stage mom, Karla Estrada braved the stage of The Voice to reach her dream to be one of the artists to sing in the Blind Audition as the competition is known to be one of the most prestigious talent search in the country. Meanwhile, singing icon Rico Jay Puno’s children, Doki and Rocho or Rox also entered the competition to prove their talent.

Karla Estrada shared that his children have no idea that she had joined the competition because they might stop her if they learned about it. She also said that even though she won’t get pass the coaches, she is still happy that she was able to compete in the contest. She sung ‘What’s Up’ and though the coaches din not turn, they were still unable to stop swaying with the song like the audience.

Watch Karla Estrada, Doki and Rox Puno on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
They were surprised to see that it was Daniel Padilla’s mom standing in the middle of their stage. Sarah was unable to hide her shock as she loudly whispered the artist’s name. Lea when down her chair to hug her and told her not to give up on singing.

Meanwhile, Doki sang American Boy as well as she could but Lea said that she was unable to deliver what she was looking for. Doki is a graphic artist and she also wants to venture into music. Apl De Ap and the rest of the coaches thought that she was good but not good enough to capture their slot in The Voice.

Rox sang Ever Breath You Take but unfortunately, he was not able to take away the breath of the coaches. With the first few notes, Lea had immediately guessed who resembles Rox’s voice. She was proven right as Rico Puno joined his son on stage. The father and his two kids did a number that amazed the coaches and thought that the Doki and Rox really has talent that can be polished more.
The videos of the Puno siblings and Daniel Padilla’s mother are currently circulating in different social media.

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