The next artist who made it to the Blind Auditions was Karl Karl Tanhueco from Pampanga. Karl’s father was a tricycle driver and he knew exactly how to live simply. Despite of this, this virtual assistant would like to give his family a good life. Karl focuses on working online to generate money.

Aside from being a virtual assistant, Karl is also a singer. This artist is full of dreams and he knows exactly where to go. He performed the song “All of Me” which is so popular nowadays and the beginning notes of the song he sang made Coach Lea turn her chair instantly. And she was the only one who turned her chair which means to say that Karl was already a member of her team. Coach Lea shouted “yes!” upon having Karl on her team. Hearing about what the other coaches have commented, Coach Bamboo said it was okay, Coach Apl talked Pampangeno to Karl.

Karl Tanhueco Sings 'All of Me' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
Karl was wearing glasses during that time and the coaches discussed about braces which apparently was worn by Karl. Looking at the skills of Karl in singing, we can see  bright future ahead, only, if he will do his best to achieve his goals in life.

Congratulations to Kar for making it to Team Lea. When Karl went to his family backstage, he hugged them and he was determined to do his best in order to win the competition. Karl is someone to look forward to on the next episodes of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.

Watch other performances on November 29th Audition below;

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