On November 22 episode, Joniver Robles, a four chair turner contestant, had caught the interest of all the coaches. The Voice of Philippines Season 2 continues the journey to find promising artists and give them a chance to the Philippine music industry.

Performing “I Don’t Need No Doctor”, the artist of General Trias, Cavite pique the interest of the coaches in just a few seconds. He started singing at the age of 21 in a band and he never stopped ever since. He was able to build a business and help with his brother’s school expenses but soon he got into vices. He was thankful of how his mom was able to bring him back right to his tracks.

Joniver also shared his lifelong crush to coach Lea. Lea voiced out that the atmosphere in the stage had suddenly became hot, and the artist could not resist to say that lea is hot herself, which brought jeers on the crowd and among the coaches.
Joniver Robles Sings 'I Don't Need No Doctor' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
The four coaches, Sarah, Leah, Bamboo and Apl De Ap tried to convince him in joining their respective camps. Joniver sung Lea a love song but eventually picked Bamboo to be his coach, which humbled Bamboo.

The four famous coaches agreed that he has a superb talent that they had always been looking for since the first day the season was launched. The other four chair turners of the season are Kai Honasan, Kokoi Baldo, Rence Raponot , Nino Alejandro, and Tanya Diaz.

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