Jon Philippe Go is a product development chemist who develops dishwashing liquids and such. He said that music and being a chemist is the best part of his life and compared them to oxygen because he cannot survive without them. He uses music to unwind and relax from work.

He picked ‘Hangang’ to reached out to the coaches. Lea was moved by the song and decided to turn for him. She was smiling at him but was surprised when bamboo turned. Bamboo even hailed ‘Bravo’ for his performance.

Lea was surprised to hear that the artist is a chemist. Apl De Ap teased Lea and asked if she wanted H2O. Lea admitted that Chemistry was her waterloo in high school . Sarah said that the artist did well but she was not satisfied because she thought he overdid his own rendition.

John Philippe Go Sings 'Hangang' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Lea said that she liked how the love was expressed with his voice. It was romantic and she felt it. Bamboo said he liked the whole package. He said there were issues but he was able to take it somewhere. Lea interjected saying that the artist is in the same genre with her. Bamboo then sung ‘Castle on the Cloud’ which seemed to annoy lea saying that it was of a different genre.

Philippe was happy to pick Lea saying that he will be working with her and make more developments. As he exited, Bamboo joked to Lea and said that she should relaxed since she seemed to got ticked off.

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