Jason Desiata works as a professional serenade singer.  Everytime a mood was needed to be set in a sweet mode for a proposal or a simple sweet surprise for a girl from her boyfriend, his service was called for. Wanting to be in a spotlight himself, he joined The Voice.

Singing ‘Stay With Me’, audience seemed to be swooned. Sarah and Apl De Ap simultaneously turned followed by Lea. Lea stood up and sat beside Sarah and held her hand.  Apl even came over to them and the three shared a cheesy group hug until his song was over.

Heshared that he works in an online serenade service or like a modern singing telegram. Lea challenged him to act in a  story wherein Sarah is the girl that he was asked to be serenaded. He sung ‘All of Me’ by John Legend and Apl even lend him a red rose. People seemed to be swooned once more.

Jason James Dy Desiata Sings 'Stay With Me' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Sarah said that he should pick her or else he won’t get paid by singing to her. He seemed excited as Bamboo said the he did well. Lea said that she was swayed by emotions just by listening to him sing. Sarah said that he did not have to take into high notes, his falsetto was clear and perfect to clearly deliver the song’s message. Lea felt it was too much she needed to hold on to another person’s hand
Apl brought out his award winning albums to show him that he can work with the international artist and have award winning albums as well.

Jason had chosen Sarah which seemed to surprise her. Lea said that they did not expect what had happened and they look forward to hear him sing again.

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