Humfrey Nicasio is a 24 year old artist who also aspires to be an actor. The artist from Bohol wanted to have shows on TV aside from singing shows. Aiming for fame not only for his voice but also for his composition, he takes up the challenge to be on the stage of The Voice of the Philippines.

Humfrey is inspired by his love of his life. Singing ‘Happy’, he filled the whole room with happiness. Sarah and Lea turned simultaneously. The lady coaches seemed to be taken by the happiness of the song and smiles stayed on their lips.

Sarah asked for his inspiration. He compared his girlfriend to a daffodil, only chubbier, to which Lea said that she herself is chubby. Humfrey said that he loves his girlfriend, then Sarah interjected and said that she is also chubby. Lea disagreed with her, making the people laugh. Humfrey tried to humor Sarah by saying that her cheeks are chubby enough.
Humfrey Nicasio Sings 'Happy' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Apl De Ap said that Humfrey still lacked energy. Sarah said that he still seemed nervous but his song was chosen well. Lea said that he did well, only he needs to improve his diction. Lea pointed out that she and Sarah were the coaches who had winners in her team, to which Bamboo interjected and said it was ‘ladies first’ policy.

In the end, Humfrey had chosen Lea in hope that she will be able to help him improve his diction.

Watch Other Performances on Nov. 23 Blind Audition below;

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