The Voice of the Philippines continues to give a chance to the artists all over the country to have a shot to the music industry and finally live their dreams. Christelle Tequis struggles to make her family whole again and hope to do so as she joins The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.

While her mother is a public high school teacher, her father had been a hard working tricycle driver. Her five year old brother had a stroke and she had to take care of him in the morning while her father will take up the care when she goes to school later in the day. Suddenly on March 6, her father never came back home.

Her family had tried to look for him and visited morgues to check if at least a clue about him will turn up. His sudden disappearance left questions unanswered.  With this dilemma, she wanted to reach out to her father.

Christelle Tiquis Sings 'To Make You Feel My Love' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2
She performed ‘To Make You Feel My Love’. Lea and Apl De Ap immediately turned his chair. She soon became emotional and got teary eyed. She dedicated her song to her mom  to comfort her from her father’s disappearance. Lea gave her a chance to talk to her father. She wanted to have a closure for her family and wishes to know what happened to him.

Bamboo said that he could hear that she was unable to control her emotions. Sarah said that she must control her emotions and deliver the song well. Lea said the emotional quality of her voice was very strong. Apl De Ap asked her to be in his camp, he said that her song was stellar and he compared the performance to a Filipino cuisine, ’nilaga’, a total package. She picked Lea to be her coach, hoping to develop her talent.

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