The Voice of the Philippines continues to discover artist around the country and beyond seas, leading on November 16, 2014, when Charles Catbagan was given the chance to take a shot for the next round.

Charles Catbagan is known as Mama Char in his homeland all the way from Guam. His family had been living there where his father works as a floor manager where as his mother works as a clerk. He shared how hard his family had been working together to have a better life and he wanted to help them by joining the completion. Living in a foreign country proved to present various challenges in their lives and at one point, they needed to lose their house. The painful experience gave Charles the drive to go on with his dream to give a better future to his family.

He aims to show appreciation to his parents’ hard work by winning the competition with the best he has got. His piece ‘One Last Cry’ is his ticket to Lea’s heart as the coach immediately turned after hearing a few notes. Lea showed in her face that she was able to feel the emotions being expressed in the song.

Charles Catbagan Sings 'One Last Cry' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
Sarah followed and seemed to be silenced by the song’s rendition and felt the connection with the singer. At the end of the song Sarah stood to show him how much she liked the rendition of the song..

Charles jokingly said hi to Bamboo which made the coach speechless and everyone laughed. Lea said the quality of his voice special and she felt the song in her heart. Sarah said that he is an artist that must be taken seriously. He picked Lea, thinking that she will be able to guide him towards his dreams to becoming a professional artist.

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