Carol Leus is 24 from Batangas. Her father inspired her to join singing contests since she was a child. She revealed that her sister had a congenital disease and passed away which only gave her more drive to reach for her dreams. She said that she was close to her sister and she will always be her inspiration.

 Carol sung ‘Tattooed Heart’ by Arian Grande, determined to have a shot to the next round. The coaches seemed to take their time to consider her and before the last note hits, Sarah turned for her who made her jump for joy and relief.

 Lea asked for her inspiration. She said that her parents are currently working abroad and her sister died seven years ago. Lea said that she can then be assured that she has an angel watching over her because Sarah pressed the red button.
Carol Leus Sings 'Tattooed Heart' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition Video Replay
The other three coaches who did not turn say that they think her voice has a quality but they had been looking for something more that they did not seem to find in her, however they are confident that Sarah can help her be a better artist.

Sarah said that she liked the clean performance which made her a promising artist and together, they can work hard and develop more of her style and talent.

Carol’s friends revealed that she had always wanted to work with  Sarah, and now she can actually make her dream a reality.

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