Arnee Hidalgo, 32 years old from Paranaque City was one of the experienced recording artists who joined the Blind Auditions of the Voice of the Philippines Season 2. When she was in high school, she was part of an all-girl trio but later on went solo. Arnee is a very loving person to her husband and kids. What’s interesting about Arnee is that she is the mother of Santo, the one who also joined The Voice Kids. While they were at backstage, Santo said to her mother to be confident and God will do the rest.

Talking about music, this is Arnee’s passion. In fact, she said that this is something she wanted to be doing for the rest of her life. Arnee performed the song “Feeling Good” wherein at the beginning of the song, the coaches were already captivated and became curious. Arnee’s family members were cheering that the coaches will turn their chairs. In the end, one of the coaches named turned her chair for Arnee.

Arnee Hidalgo Sings 'Feeling Good' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
When the three coaches turned their chairs after Arnee’s performance, they were surprised to see her. They were not expecting that someone who has already a name in the industry like her would join the competition. Coach Lea was laughing out loud and she wished she could have pushed the button.

Coach Sarah even mentioned that maybe it was the band’s playing that made Arnee’s voice in a certain part of the song light. They were laughing out loud during that time. Coach, the one who turned his chair for the artist welcomed Arnee to his team.

Watch other performances on November 30 audition below;

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