Inspired by her mother,Vanessa Monot flew from Paris to join in the Blind Audition. She shared how she was grieved by her father’s death. Hoping for Sarah to turn she shared how Sarah has a special style of singing and dancing that she wanted to learn.

Singing ‘Pangarap Lang’, judges listened intently as she takes them to the beat and her voice. Bamboo seemed to be satisfied with what he was hearing but it was Sarah who turned. Monot’s eyes sparkled as she sees Sarah turned her chair. Apl De Ap was mesmerized by the artist and even gave her a red rose to which Lea gave a standing ovation.

The coaches were surprised to find out that she was from France. Heeding to Apl’s request, she sung a French love song for him. He joked that he will move to Paris.

Video: Venessa Monot sings 'Pangarap Lang' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
Lea said that she did not feel the song to be chair turning. Bamboo admitted that she has a very nice quality of her song. Sarah said that she likes the fact that Monot made a way to change the song in her own style. With tears in her eyes, Monot was happy to be in Sarah’s team.

Apl promised Sarah to steal Monot. Lea asked him if he will steal the artist only because of  her voice or because of her beauty. Apl laughed off the question and said that Monot indeed has a good voice.

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