The Voice Philippines Season 2 continues to search for the talented artists that they can bring to stardom. On the episode aired on November 8, 2014, once again the coaches were surprised by different styles and talents that had walked on stage to get a chance to be The Voice. Four artists were lucky to get into the next round.

Venessa Monot flew from Paris and sang ‘Pangarap Lang’ in hope to capture Sarah’s attention and turn her chair. Monot’s eyes sparkled as she sees Sarah turned her chair. And Apl De Ap’s eyes were also caught by the Filipina. He even went down to give her a red rose which she exchanged with a French love song for him.

Demie Fresco from Sultan Kudarat majoring in music theatre. She joined the competition to prove that she really has a talent. She had a hard time in her place because people had been making rumors that she got her accomplishments through her father’s influence, but now she was able to prove that she is a real deal. The 16 year old girl sung ‘Ikaw’.  As she hit the first high note, Apl De Ap was the first to turn his chair but she picked Sarah to be her coach.

Video: The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 November 8, 2014 Blind Audition Replay
Jose Manuel Cubil did a rendition of Use Somebody and Apl had turned his chair as soon as he heard the first words. Unfortunately, Apl lost the artist to Lea. Cubil was happy and shared to Toni that he was dedicating his performance to his late father who had always been very supportive of him.

Rence Lee Rapanot was happy to have a chance in the Blind Audition. He has the aim to bring live to OPM once more. ‘Mateo Singko’ is a song that he sung to reach for the coaches. It was Apl De Ap who first turned his chair as the song about poverty reached into him. He was the only four chair turner for the night and the coaches believed that he deserves a break in the industry as he is able to tell a story with his song. In the end Rapanot picked Bamboo believing that they have the same dreams for the OPM.

Monot, Rapanot, Cubil, and Fresco will move on to the battle round where the coaches will also have a chance to steal each other’s artists.

Watch Video Performances Below;
1. Demie Fresco sings 'Ikaw' on Blind Audition here
2. Venessa Monot sings 'Pangarap Lang'  on Blind Audition here
3. Rence Rapanot sings 'Mateo Singko' on  Blind Audition here
4. Jem Cubil sings 'Use Somebody' on  Blind Audition here
5. Watch Karla Estrada, Doki and Rox Puno Performance here

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