A video of a group of street kids making fun and bullying a mall guard in SM North:The Block on November 16 had been circulating in Facebook. The posted video of street kids vs Mall security guard had been viewed more than a million times and shared more than 17 thousand times only two days after it had been uploaded on Facebook.

According to Lyka Gonzalez who took the clip, she had been observing the exchange of arguments between a girl and the mall guard. The guard had been trying to keep the children away from the mall entrance as the kids were begging from the customers. Instead of going away, the kids decided to bully the guard, thus causing public disturbance. The video showed how the kids went after the guard as the poor man goes back to his station in the entrance door.

VIDEO: Street Kids vs Mall Security Guard Fight Goes Viral
The girl in pink seemed to be taunting the guard more while the rest of the kids jeered more. They tried to annoy the guard who in turn tried not to hurt the kids. The group of kids not only disrespected the guard but also were unmindful of the cars on the road. They did not mind that they were almost hit as they seemed to run away only to come back and throw a small stand that landed smack at the back of the guard’s head.

The cars were blasting their horns at the children but they were not disturbed by it. They seemed to know that no grown up will lift a finger against them.

The posted video created uproar from Facebook users. Some had questioned how the children were brought up while others suggested that a law must be created with regards to minors with such behavior. Many commend the patience of the guard who had been assaulted by the children.

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