A viral video of a pretty woman giving free testicular exam to me at a side walk had caught the attention of various netizens worldwide. Marissa, the beautiful lady dressed in a nurse inspired costume, tried to convince men to have free testicular exam right at the side walk.

While some had raised eyebrows for such social experiment, the video posted on YouTube account Simple Pickup, had been promised to be done for a cause. For every guy who says yes to let Marissa do the exam to them, Simple Pickup donated $100 to Movember Campaign. Movember is a foundation created to raise awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancer initiatives.

Marissa and her friends asked men walking by the street if they are willing to have a free testicle exam. Many declined the offer but few braved and took up the challenge- having a testicle exam right there at the street.

Trending Pretty Woman Giving Free Testicular Exam in Public on Viral Video
They shared to men that having the test is very important and though Marissa in not a registered nurse, she and anybody can be eligible to do the test as long as they know how to do it right. It is a very simple test that men can do to themselves and see if they might have lumps or any abnormalities.

One guy was evidently self conscious but still took up the offer. He voiced out how he felt awkward but was happy to know that he was cleared of the exam. The men who had agreed to the test have different reactions. Some could not take their eyes of the pretty lady while others don’t know where to look as many people were walking by and could not help but glance toward them.

The group was able to raise $600 dollars by giving free testicular exam and promised to donate $100 more for every 100 thousand views their video will get for 30 days. The video was posted on November 18 and after over a week it already has more than 4.5 million views.

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