A pretty lady making a famous Taipei delicacy suddenly became famous as her videos and photos while working had circulated around the internet. Customers swarm her stall in the night market of Songshan District in Taipei but the reason may be more than just the crepe she was making.

Working with her tiny tank top and with usually no help at all, many admire not only her skill in making peanut brittle shaving wrapped with ice cream, but also her beauty did not escape the buyer’s eyes. In the video clip, the woman was shaving a block of what seemed to be something brown. It turned out it is a big block of peanut brittle. She then puts the shaved peanut brittle over a seemingly freshly cooked crepe. Then she will put ice cream on it and cilantro before wrapping it all up for the customer to enjoy.

Video of Pretty Girl Making Famous Taipei Crepe Ice Cream Delicacy Goes Viral
Contrary to many who say she makes and sells ice cream, the delicacy she sells is very famous in Taipei which can be called peanut brittle shaving wrapped with ice cream.

Many took a video of this beautiful woman and some had even posted them on the internet. Some of those who have seen the video even say that it gives them a reason to visit Taipei.

Because of her sudden popularity, she had been invited by a local TV program to show how she makes her famous sweet delicacy. As seen with the reactions of the hosts, they seemed to have liked the shaved peanut brittle and ice cream wrapped with a spring roll.

Some versions of this sweet street food have pineapple, taro and peanut ice cream flavours to choose from and cilantro can be left out if not preferred. The woman continues to hail the interest of many without even any effort, except doing her job skilfully.

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