A motorist and his partner were arrested after hitting an MMDA traffic enforcer and a newspaper photographer on November 16. The video of the couple was uploaded online and stirred uproar from netizens.

As seen in the video taken by MMDA traffic enforcer Geraldo Santiago, a man in his motorcycle is having a heated argument with another MMDA traffic enforcer Servando Diesta in C5 Libis, Quezon City. A voice of a woman was also heard joining in the argument. The man pointed at the Geraldo and then the woman suddenly hit him with a helmet.

Abante’s photographer, Arturo Son, was able to take photos of the incident and how the woman hit the MMDA enforcer with the helmet in her hand. The woman was known as Roslyn Garcia while the man on the motorcycle is her live in partner Edwin Girimbao Jr.

VIDEO: MMDA Traffic Enforcer Hit with Helmet by Motorist
The incident started after the MMDA had stopped the couple after they are caught violating the dress code. Motorists in motorcycles must not wear shorts and slippers. The Dress Code Violation has a fine of 500 pesos. When they were about to get the ticket, the couple argued with the officers which prompted Geraldo to take a video. After the couple noticed him, the woman did not think twice to assault the enforcer. Garcia scratched and kicked Santiago aside from hitting him with her helmet. She then noticed Arturo Son taking photos and went after him next.

Son said that Garcia seemed not determined to stop hitting him, making him fall to the ground. The enforcers said that the couple were arrogant when speaking.

The couple were detained in Quezon City Police District Station 12 facing charges on physical injuries and direct assault while Girimbao’s driver’s licence was confiscated. Later on, Girimbao asked for forgiveness for those they had assaulted.

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