An unidentified Brazilian needed to have a surgery to remove a large lungfish from his bowels while some nurses took a vivid video of the operation while laughing. The unknown man from Londrina in some way had an South American Lungfish stuck in his anus where only a surgery can save him from the bizarre experience.

The lungfish seemed to have decided to stay up his anus and prompted the man to go to  Hospital Universitário in Londrina, Brazil for the necessary surgery. However, the surgical team might have professionally removed the innocent eell like creature but failed to practice the right of the patient’s privacy as a video was taken while taking out the lungfish.

It is also audible that some had been laughing about the incident and a few others were also taking a footage for their own amusement. Even those who seemed not to be part of the surgery team are present to curiously watch the procedure and take videos.

Video of Large Lungfish Removed from Unidentified Brazilian Patient's Stomach Goes Viral
A certain video found its way online and got posted in ibtime. The fish was euthanized after it was pulled out. Bizarre as it may seem, the Brazilian is not the only man who had experienced such plight.

In 2013, a Chinese man from Guangdong province also had a surgery with the same exact objective after he had imitated a porn video where a man had put an eel up his anus. A 20 inch Asian swamp eel got stuck inside him.

The same happened to a man in New Zealand in 2012 while in 2010, a Chinese man was reported to had died after his friends had allegedly put an eel up his rectum for fun.

The video taken from the Brazilian’s surgery had been making its rounds in various social media sites. Reference; huffingtonpost

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