Jose Manuel Cubil wanted to dedicate his performace to his late father. He shared how his father cheered him on especially when he joined Pilipinas Got Talent. He was devastated to lose his father that had been his inspiration in reaching his dreams.

Cubil sang Use Somebody and Apl had turned his chair as soon as he heard the first words. Lea followed and could not stop herself from letting out an’oh’ as she sees the handsome artist. Lea whispered to Sarah that the artist is good looking. Sarah joked that she did not turn because he is handsome. She said that there was something missing in him that she was looking for something more.

Apl shared that he felt connected within the first two notes which made him turn. Lea said that the song was delivered clearly. She said that they can explore his talent more. His looks added with the package.

Video: Jem Cubil sings 'Use Somebody' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
Apl promised to give something special but Cubil picked Lea as his coach. He was happy and shared to Toni that it was for his father. Lea teased Sarah and said that though the younger artist sdid not turn, seeing the handsome face of the contestant should be enough.

Cubil is the second artist who joined Lea’s team in season 2.

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