The first to get in on the third week of the second season of The Voice is Demie Fresco from Sultan Kudarat majoring in music theatre. She shared that she had been going through some rumor in school making her join The Voice. Some people in her school say that she only got awards because of who her father is, determined to prove what she’s got, she stood boldly in Blind Auditions.

The 16 year old girl sung ‘Ikaw’.  As she hit the first high note, Apl De Ap was the first to turn his chair. Sarah followed and could not stop laughing as Apl’s reaction who seemed to be confident that he will get the girl to coach. Bamboo turned just before the song ends.

Calling her song ‘presko’ Apl shared his excitement to fight for her. He said that her song is very powerful. Bamboo just waited on how she will end the song before he turned because he was curious with her style. Lea said the artist did well but she is still looking for something.

Video: Demie Fresco sings 'Ikaw' on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition
Apl showed her the music video og Jessica Reynoso, his bet last season who reached semi finals. Sarah said that she was behind Darren and Lyca who won The Voice Kids Edition. She even said that Demie had done well in gradually reaching high notes. Bamboo promised that he can also make her a singer with albums in the future.

Demie Fresco picked Sarah as she had been her idol since she was a child. Toni said that surely Sarah and Demie will have a good working relationship.

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