With tears in her eyes, Cristine Reyes announced pregnancy after her dance number in her ABS CBN Sunday noontime show ASAP on November 16, 2014. She expressed her excitement and happiness to all the Kapamilya.

For some time, Reyes was not seen in the ASAP and she expressed how she missed everybody in the show and the stage itself. She then shared the news of her pregnancy which made the audience cheer in sheer joy for her. The other ASAP host expressed their well wishes and said that they happy to hear the news.

It had been a few months since a rumour of her pregnancy started especially after she turned down a project offered by ABS CBN network but Reyes stayed silent amidst the news. According to her sister, actress Ara Mina, the telltale story of Reyes’ pregnancy might have started when people learned of Ara Mina’s pregnancy. She even expressed how she finds it funny that people had assumed that both of them are pregnant, but on November 16, Reyes confirmed it on live TV.

Video Cristine Reyes Pregnancy Revelation on ASAP
On The Buzz, Reyes shared that she kept the news private while she concentrates on the safety of the baby. She had experienced bleeding in her first trimester, making her rest for some time to make sure the baby will be fine. She also revealed that the baby was planned.

Many had been curious as who is the father of her baby. Reyes is currently in a relationship with a mix martial artist Ali Kahtibi. With the news that she is indeed expecting to have a child, some asked if she plan to marry soon. She said that her beau is yet to propose but they are also planning for it and they also attend counselling. Prior to her announcement in ASAP, Reyes posted a hint in her Instagram account.

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