Night of November 16, we will be able to witness more singing skills that will stop us. This is the 6th episode of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2. The Blind Audition continues and once again the coaches were amazed with some artists’ talents and gifts.  Five new artists were able to pass and can safely advance to the next round.

Yesterday we have witnessed the 5th episode of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition wherein some artists made it and some didn't. Despite the fact that there were artists who failed to be included in the group of any of the four coaches, one thing’s for sure, all of them did their best for the sake of dream and ambition.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 November 16, 2014 Blind Audition Video Replay
Mecerdita Quiachon is a nineteen year old girl from Bohol who aspires to be a singer, she sung sung ‘Listen’.to her relief,  Apl De Ap hits the red button right before the last note ended

Charles Catbagan is a radio personality in Guam driven to give his family a better life. His piece ‘One Last Cry’ is his ticket to Lea’s heart as the coach immediately turned after hearing a few notes. Sarah followed but he picked Lea to be his coach.

Aspiring rockstar Mark Douglas Dagal sung ‘Superstition’ by Stevie wonder to which Sarah turned for him then Bamboo followed. The rockstar father picked Sarah and she was thankful for a chance.

Lougee Basabas was in the band MOJO 5 and now looking for another chance for her career. Singing ‘Strong Enough’ by Sheryl Crow, she tries to get a spot to the next round. Lougee shared her passion and happiness for the privilege then she went for Bamboo saying she had idolized him

Alisah Bonaobra sung ‘Domino’, she tries to pour her emotions. Lea and Sarah turned together closely followed by Apl De Ap. They all seemed to feel the song, beat and swayed to the music. She picked Apl De Ap knowing that Apl will help her reach her dreams.

At the end of the night’s show, Camp Sarah now has seven artists, Mark Dagal, Daniel Ombao, Vanessa Monot, Jason Dy, Kokoi Baldo, Monique Lualhati, and Demie Fresco, while Camp Apl has got six artists – Alisah Bonaobra, Samantha Felizco, Bradley Holmes, Mecerdital Quiachon, Jannet Cadayona, and Mark Cando.

On the other hand, and Camp Lea is now with four artists, Jem Cubil, Leah Patricio, Miro Valera, Timothy Pavino  and Camp Bamboo, has eight artists, Lougee Basabas, Shaira Cervancia, Kai Honasan, Ramonne Rodriguez, Dang del Rosario, Karlo Mojica, Rence Rapanot, and Tanya Diaz,.

Watch November 16 The Voice Ph 2 Performances below:
Mecerdita Quiachon Sings 'Listen'
Mark Dagal Sings 'Superstition'
Lougee Basabas Sings 'Strong Enough'
Alisah Bonaobra Sings 'Domino'
Charles Catbagan Sings 'One Last Cry' on
Mecerdita Quiachon Sings 'Listen'

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