Maserati driver who dragged an MMDA traffic officer along Quezon Avenue was positively identified only less than 24 hours after the incident took place. MMDA traffic enforcer Jorby Adriatico was reported to have been assaulted by the driver of a blue emozione Maserati Ghibli on the morning of November 27, 2014.

Quezon City Police Department partnered with Land Transportation Office (LTO) to identify the owner of the said sports car. While Adriatico and fellow MMDA police officers were only able to take the photos of the car’s tail which bears no plate number, a CCTV was able to catch its conduction sticker, QQ57, which lead to the identification of the driver. The driver was identified as Joseph Ingco from New Manila.

Maserati Sports Car Driver Who Dragged MMDA Traffic Enforcer Identified
As said by MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino, the tracking of the car was made easy by the fact that there are only two cars of the same model that was sold in the country. It was also reported that a reward of 100 thousand pesos will be given for the the capture of the 39 year old assailant.

Adriatico positively identified Joseph Ingco as the sports car driver who allegedly grabbed him by his uniform and dragged him along Quezon Avenue towards Scout Chuatoco. The MMDA officer was then hit by the driver and sustained a broken nose.

The QCPD is still on the hunt for Ingco and were open for any leads as to his whereabouts. The news of the incident spread like a wildfire in the various social media and many netizens voiced out that Drivers must be responsible drivers and should still respect the MMDA officers.

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